The best guide to planning a fun fall festival

The best guide to planning a fun fall festival

Fun fall festivals are the best way to celebrate harvest and autumn season. There is no question in the fact that these festivals can be entertaining but organizing them can be tough and challenging. But even the planning stage can be turned into an enjoyable activity if done in the right manner.

Planners can prepare for this event by evaluating important aspects of the event. There are several subjects to cover like location, food and activities. By learning few tips, planners can incorporate their own innovation and make the event a memorable one for families attending it.

Important considerations

Planners need to take a number of important factors into account to ensure that the end result is favorable. Good planning and organization will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Nevertheless, here are the aspects a good planner will always consider while planning a fun fall festival:

  • Objectives

Planners must identify the objective of the festival. Is it for fun, fundraising, public relations or publicity? This is how planner can shortlist ideas on which activities must be included in the festival and what the age group must be. Then the elements must comply with the main objective.

  • Theme

A theme is not necessary but it adds more interest and personality to the event. Choose a creative theme that compliments the initial objective of the event. Themes can revolve around harvest-related ideas. Plan activities and decorate according to the theme.

  • Location

Location can have a significant impact on the success of your event. Event planners can contact schools, churches or community centers whether they are ready to host an event. Large parks can also be used to host fall festivals. You must also take into account weather conditions since a rainy forecast can be risky for an outdoor event.

  • Volunteers

Planning a fall festival requires a team. Recruit volunteers to ensure a successful event. Ask friends, family and other colleagues if they can volunteer for the event. Make sure the tasks are assigned in an organized manner and there is no hustle created. Volunteer recruitment become easier once the event becomes a yearly tradition.

Popular activities

Once you get the crowd coming to the event, it is important to maintain their interest and keep them engaged in a number of activities. You need to surround them with different activities so that they can enjoy the event at most. Here are some popular activities that can be arranged:

  • Face painting, balloon animals and ring toss for children of age 3-5.
  • Pumpkin toss and scavenger hunt can be ideal for children of age 6-11.
  • Potato sack race and pumpkin painting can be interesting for children of age 12-14.
  • Other competitive sports and karaoke can be arranged for people of age above 15.


It is vitally important to advertise about the fall festival. People must know that there is an event coming nearby. Use different techniques. Spread the word on social media. Volunteers can sell the tickets to their acquaintances.

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